Why Join Us

Why Join Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous

Why join Team Gorgeous?

  • We’re dedicated to promoting as many targeted customers to the website as possible.  Lots of companies will boast of huge visitors to their website.  But if the visitors are not targeted this means nothing and can actually be damaging.
  • Your business will benefit from the 30,000 organic social media followers who follow and trust the Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous brand.  Again, companies can boast of a large following but if most of those are paid for, this means nothing.  It is better to have a small and authentic following you can grow than a large following who are not your target customers.
  •  Like you, we are rather particular as to who we work with.  Every Creative Business who sells with us is handpicked.  So you are guaranteed to be selling your products alongside Creative Businesses with the same high standards as you.
  • Your products will stand out from the crowd. Unlike some other online gift marketplaces, there is a limit to the amount of partner companies allowed to sell on the website at any given time.  This ensures that you are easily found by customers and will never be in direct competition with hundreds of other companies similar to yours.
  • Absolutely no duplication of products is allowed on the website. This means nobody can sell an identical product to yours at all. The person to upload the product first, has priority.
  • The website reshuffles all the images daily therefore giving everyone a chance of being on the first page of each category.  There are no charges for being on the first category page or home page
  • An onboarding service is available if you need it, saving you time and money
  • Your business benefits from the group marketing and e newsletter campaigns we do
  • It makes sense not to have all your eggs in the one basket; even if you already have your own website or are listed on other marketplaces
  • We prefer the personal touch and genuinely care about your success!

How Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous Works For You

  1. You list your products on our website
  2. We market your products to customers
  3. Customers order and pay through our checkout
  4. We let you know so that you can fulfill their order
  5. You send the order to your customer
  6. We pay you

We Give You

Group Marketing
Our integrated marketing campaigns reach thousands of targeted customers through a wide variety of channels.


A Supportive And Friendly Community
Join a supportive community of wonderfully talented creatives, and talk to like-minded people in our private Facebook page.

We’re Seeking

  • Less ordinary products sourced or created by extraordinary people like you
  • Small creative businesses who have big ideas
  • Products which are of extremely high quality
  • Great product photography (but don’t worry too much about this as we can help you with product photography)
  • Businesses that are looking to grow — no matter how small your business is at the moment, even if it’s just a twinkle in your eye!
  • Creative people who value customer service and will put our customers first

What You Can Sell

At giftwrappedandgorgeous.com you can sell everything from jewellery and clothing to homeware, experience days, gifts for pets, handmade chocolates and more. We are always open to new ideas though so please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your latest creative light bulb moment!